Meet SketchMe.

The future of custom footwear & bags.

Stand out from the crowd, with style insipred by you, and handcrafted or 3D printed by artisans on

Mobile apps coming soon

SketchMe: the future is personal

Rock a bag nobody else has.

Never confuse your bag with anyone elses ever again.

Stand out from the crowd: One of one.

Rock kicks even the hypebeasts can’t get.

Quality, handcrafted & 3D printed products.

Products manufactured by artisans on

How it works

Sketch your design

Get creative and sketch the shoes or bag of your dreams

Process & submit

Our Neural Network does the heavy lifting and brings your sketch to life

Receive bids

Artisans on bid on your proposed design, awaiting your order

Powered by a Deep Neural Network, your sketch is transformed into a higher fidelity image to be sent to your artisan.

Simple payment methods.

Only pay after receiving a bid you’re happy with.


Receive bids from artisans for free.